5oz Pretzel with Sweet Mustard and your choice of Biercheese or Obatzda {$10}

10oz Pretzel with Sweet Mustard and your choice of Biercheese or Obatzda {$14}

Flammkuchen {$10}

Reuben Rolls {$10}

Kartoffelpuffer with Applesauce & Sour Cream {$9}

Bier Cheese Fries {$10}

Bierhaus Wings {$13}

Bavarian Onion Soup {$9} | Signature Dish

Brats in Blanket with Fries {$9}



Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich {$14}

A breaded chicken breast schnitzel with Ham and Swiss Cheese Sauce. Choice of side. Pretzel bun +$2

Leberkase Sandwich {$12}

Traditional Bavarian Leberkase on a Bun. Choice of side.

Reuben {$13}

House slow cooked Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, and Sauerkraut on Marble Rye. Choice of side.

Bierhaus Burger {$14}

Two fresh burger patties cooked to order with choice of cheese. Served with Fries. Pretzel bun +$2



Currywurst {$14}

Hungarian Sausages (2) served with Curry Ketchup and choice of side.

Sausage Platter {$21}

Three Signature Sausages served with choice of two sides.

Brat on a Bun {$10}

Signature Bratwurst on a roll served with choice of side.

Meterwurst {$14}

Uber-long Brat on a Bun cut to size. Choice of side.



Chicken {$21} | Pork {$22}

Schnitzels are breaded meat cutlets that have been tenderized and flattened. Pick either a Jager (Brown Gravy and Mushroom) or a Swiss Sauce to top with. Choice of one side.



Schweinshaxe {$27} | Signature Dish

Signature Pork Shank slow cooked in-house. Served with Horseradish and choice of one side.

King Ludwig Platter {$30} | Signature Dish

One rouladen, knackwurst, and pork chop accompanied by mashed potatoes, red cabbage, and sauerkraut.

Sauerbraten {$22}

Sweet and Sour Beef served with choice of two sides.

Rouladen {$21}

Stuffed beef roll served with Bier gravy, sauerkraut, & your choice of one side.

Schweinebraten {$20}

Munich pork roast served with Bier gravy, sauerkraut, & your choice of one side.

Kassler Rippchen {$20}

Two smoked pork chops with your choice of two sides.

Chicken Tenders {$13}

Five Breaded Tenders served with one side. Buffalo Style - $1

Fish & Chips {$15}

Savory Haddock fish, Bier-battered and fried to the perfect crisp. Served with tartar sauce and fries

Grilled Salmon {$21}

Grilled to order Salmon Filet. Served with a creamy dill sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day.



Vegetable of the Day | French Fries | Cucumber Salad | Sauerkraut | Applesauce | Mashed Potatoes & Gravy | German Potato Salad | Homemade Spätzle | Brötchen Basket


Condiments & Sauces {$0.50 EACH}

Thousand Island | Curry Ketchup | Regular Ketchup | Ranch | Bleu Cheese | BBQ Sauce | Hot Mustard | Sweet Mustard | Yellow Mustard | Sour Cream | Swiss Sauce | Jäger Gravy



All Kinder Menu items come with a choice of fries or applesauce & a children's fountain drink.

Cheese Burger {$7}

A single beef patty served with American cheese.

Pigs in a Blanket {$6}

Four small sausages cooked and wrapped in a fried bread roll.

Chicken Strips {$7}

Kids Hot Dog {$6}




Apfelstrudel {$7} 

Pretzel Pudding {$7}

Black Forest Cake {$7}

German Chocolate Cake {$7}



Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Dr. Pepper | Sweet & Unsweet Tea | Minute Maid Lemonade | Orange Fanta



Spetzi | Apfelshorle | Root Beer Float


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